Marco Enrico Bossi (1861-1925)

Through the Marco Enrico Bossi Opera Omnia for Organ by Andrea Macinanti – that the coming October will see therelease of its sixth volume – one may believe that, same as for Chopin was the piano, the great composer from Salò(this year celebrating his 150th birth anniversary) exclusively dedicated himself to this instrument.
Indeed Bossi alsohad a great talent for chamber music, inspiring himself to Johannes Brahms and major exponents of the Late GermanRomantic period, as one may realize listening to the first CD dedicated to trios for string and piano performed sometime a go by the SchuberTrio.
The three componens of the Ensemble in this CD are now presenting the four works Bossi dedicated to cello and pianoand the three works for violin and piano that are the first tassel of the complete opera that the author dedicated to theseinstruments.
The most relevant work of the disc is the Santa Caterina da Siena, a little poem composed by Bossi in October 1924, afew months prior to his death.
This great opera, divided in seven parts, goes through the saints” life most relevant episodes,from the early fervencies to the triumphal raising to heaven, with an extremely evocative writing that to some extentrecalls the Debussy and Ravel soft fluidity.
A new CD of great interest that, on one side, takes more light to a composer that really deserves more attention at thehighest level, and, on the other reminds that, between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries the Italianmusic panorama was not limited to the melodrama.


Disco n.1
Bossi, Marco Enrico
Inspiration a Baveno, Op. 4a
  1 - Inspiration a Baveno, Op. 4a (4:00)
Romanze, Op. 89
  2 - Romanze, Op. 89 (2:38)
Feuillets d'Album, Op. 111
  3 - I. Benediction Nuptiale (3:35)
  4 - II. Menuet - Musette (3:15)
  5 - III. Reverie (3:30)
Il Canto dell'Anima
  6 - Il Canto dell'Anima (5:39)
Pezzo Lirico No. 2
  7 - Pezzo Lirico No. 2 (3:39)
2 Morceaux, Op. 119
  8 - No. 1. Flatterie (2:35)
  9 - No. 2. Visione (5:12)
Santa Caterina da Siena
  10 - I. Introduzione (2:01)
  11 - II. I Primi Fervori (2:47)
  12 - III. Le Stimmate (1:52)
  13 - IV. Le Tribolazioni (4:08)
  14 - V. L' Estasi Mistica (6:45)
  15 - VI. La Morte (6:13)
  16 - VII. L' Assunzione (3:17)
  • Composer: Marco Enrico Bossi (1861-1925)
  • Performers: Roberto Noferini, violin – Andrea Noferini, cello – Giulio Giurato, piano
  • Musicological Text: Marino Mora
  • Historical Period: Romanticism
  • Code: TC 862705
  • Edition: September 2011
  • Barcode: 8007194105049
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 16
  • Total duration: 01:01:50

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