The second volume of Omnia, organ music by Marco Enrico Bossi (see Vol. I, Opere varie, TC.862711), contains his transcriptions of two works for soloists, choir and orchestra by Lorenzo Perosi [1872 – 1956]: La Passione di Cristo secondo S.Marco and La trasfigurazione di N.S. Gesù Cristo.
La Passione (Trilogia sacra per canto e orchestra) originated from the cantata In Coena Domini (cantata alla bachiana), written and performed for the Eucharist Congress in Venice on 17 July 1897.
In September that year, Perosi composed two more great frescoes inspired by the Passione to complete the Trilogia, which was performed on 2 December in S. Maria delle Grazie in Milano, during the National Sacred Music Congress.


Disco n.1
Perosi, Lorenzo
La passione di Cristo secondo San Marco (arr. M.E. Bossi for organ)
  1 - Part I: Prelude (5:50)
  2 - Part I: Unus ex duodecim (4:52)
  3 - Part I: Et hymno dicto (3:26)
  4 - Part II: Dormite jam (3:26)
  5 - Part III: Prelude (8:17)
  6 - Part III: Le Tenebre (14:17)
La Trasfigurazione di Nostro Signore Gesu Cristo (arr. M.E. Bossi for organ)
  7 - Part I: Prelude (3:37)
  8 - Part I: Et statim circumspicientes (3:58)
  9 - Part I: Il Variazione (2:01)
  10 - Part II: Le smanie (4:18)
  11 - Part II: Et frequenter eum (2:22)
  12 - Part II: Finale (7:13)
  • Performers: Andrea Macinanti, Organ
  • Historical Period: Romanticism
  • Code: TC 862712
  • Edition: FEBRUARY 2009
  • Barcode: 8007194104172
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 12
  • Total duration: 01:04:22
  • Notes: Transcriptions of Music by Lorenzo Perosi – WORLD PREMIERE RECORDING – Organ Vegezzi Bossi 1916-1932/34, San Giusto Cathedral in Susa

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