Alfredo D”Ambrosio (1871-1914)

According to the composer and conductor Clarence Lucas, writing in 1935, “of the merits of d’Ambrosio… he always maintains his standard of elegance and never becomes commonplace”. By the way d’Ambrosio’s instrumental music was highly appreciated by contemporaries and played by the most acclaimed interpreters of his time, though nowadays seems hélas almost neglected. Alfredo D’Ambrosio (Naples, June 13, 1871-Paris, December 28, 1914) was a Neapolitan violinist and composer studying in Naples Conservatoire with Eusebio Dworzak, Ferdinando Pinto, Enrico Bossi, then in Madrid with Pablo Sarasate and in London with August Wilhelmj. He then set up in Nice where for years he promoted the musical programs of the Club L’Artistique, with his Colleagues Harold Bauer and Jacques Thibaud, or playing in his own Quartet with his cousin Luigi d’Ambrosio (violinist and later teacher of Salvatore Accardo). The Archos Quartet guides us on a chronological path to the discovery of the compositions for quartet and quintet of strings, using the collaboration of two exceptional soloists: Friedrich Thiele on the cello and Mio Tamayama on the double bass.


Disco n.1
Alfredo D’Ambrosio
Suite op. 8 [per quintetto d’archi / for String Quintet, A Antonio Gautier, 1900]
  1 - I. Andante (7:04)
  2 - II. Scherzo, allegro moderato (4:29)
  3 - III. Berceuse (4:56)
  4 - IV. Introduction - Maestoso. Andante moderato. Allegro moderato (10:05)
Quartetto / String Quartet op. 42 [A Théodore Vautier, 1908]
  5 - I. Moderato (7:00)
  6 - II. Allegro (6:41)
  7 - III. Andante (6:56)
  8 - IV. Allegro Energico (9:08)
  9 - En Badinant [for String Quintet, 1896] (2:14)
  10 - Valse intermède [for String Quintet] (4:04)
  11 - Pavane [for String Quintet, 1911] (4:17)
  12 - Rêve [for String Quintet, A Heinrich Tellam, 1898] (5:29)

  • Composer: Alfredo D”Ambrosio (1871-1914)
  • Performers: Archos Quartet; Friedrich Thiele; Mio Tamayama
  • Musicological Text: Annalisa Lo Piccolo
  • Historical Period: Romanticism
  • Code: TC870401
  • Edition: September 2023
  • Barcode: 8007194108026
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 12
  • Total duration: 72:31
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