Leone Sinigaglia (1868-1944) · Kurt Sonnenfeld (1921-1997) · Aldo Finzi (1897-1945) · Vito Levi (1899-2002)

This record production was created thanks to the collaboration with the “Viktor Ulmann” festival inTrieste of which is including live performances of unpublished orchestral and chamber works dedicated to the rediscovery of those composers labeled as “degenerate” by the German National Socialist propaganda.With Hitler”s rise to power the restrictive measures against the exponents of the “Entertete Kunst” (“degenerate art”) and, in the name of an alleged defense of the order and values of the breed, some prominent and highprofile personalities of the European artistic panorama were heavily persecuted. Just think that, in the pictorial art, entire movements such as the Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism were branded as “degenerate” and artists such asVan Gogh, Klee, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Chagall, and many others banned. Also music could not escape this fate with the emblematic death for heart attack of Leone Sinigaglia in front of the Nazi-fascist who came to arrest him. Roberto Fabbriciani, Giacobbe Stevanato, and Davide Casali, accompanied by the Orchestra Abimà and the Civica Orchestra dei fiati “G.Verdi ” are the protagonists of this particular music collection which, despite the adversities of the Nazi abomination, has managed to survive to the present days.


Leone Sinigaglia (1868-1944)
Piccola Suite per flauto ed orchestra d’archi op. 45 [rev. Roberto Fabbriciani]
1. Mattinata (3:26) – 2. Il Pastore Innamorato (3:45) – 3. Aprile (4:56)

Due pezzi caratteristici op. 35 per orchestra d’archi
4. Regenlied (3:51) – 5. Étude (5:49)

Kurt Sonnenfeld (1921-1997)
6. Notturno per orchestra d’archi [1951] (5:12)

Aldo Finzi (1897-1945)
7. Pavana per clarinetto e orchestra d’archi (4:47)

Vito Levi (1899-2002)
8. Adagio per Archi In Memoria di Mio Padre [1942] (8:06)

Concerto per violino ed orchestra in re minore «A mia moglie» [1937]
9. Allegro (15:21) – 10. Adagio (5:47) – 11. Rondò – (5:38)
  • Composer: Leone Sinigaglia (1868-1944) · Kurt Sonnenfeld (1921-1997) · Aldo Finzi (1897-1945) · Vito Levi (1899-2002)
  • Performers: Roberto Fabbriciani, flauto solista · Davide Casali, clarinetto solista · Giacobbe Stevanato, violino solista
    Orchestra Abimà · Civica Orchestra di fiati «G.Verdi»
  • Musicological Text: Davide Casali
  • Historical Period: Historical twentieth century
  • Code: TC 900005
  • Edition: July 2020
  • Barcode: 8007194107289
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 11
  • Total duration: 67:23

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