Maurizio Guernieri (1962) · Pier Paolo Scattolin (1949)

The sacred and the profane, the human voices and the instruments, tradition and innovation, poetry and dance; all these elements contribute to the construction of the music contained in this ‘bicinium’, where the two ‘voices’ of the composers – Maurizio Guernieri and Pier Paolo Scattolin – face a wide variety of themes and musical forms: from the Mass to the fairy tale with music, along to the more classical forms like the quartet the chorus, to the use of symphonic orchestras or electric guitar.
The result is an intense world of colors, lights and sound landscapes coming from a musical language that, despite its novelty, is rooted in the increasingly fertile ground of tradition, showing in this way that music can be written without falling into banality of the many contemporary proposals that have nothing to leave beyond their pure commercial result.


CD1 Maurizio Guernieri
1-6. Missa simplex
Kyrie (2:20); Gloria (3:24); Credo (5:25); Sanctus (2:34);
Benedictus (2:42); Agnus Dei (6:08).

7-9. Cantiones
Amours me fait desirer (2:51); O Maria maris stella (4:24); A chantar (4:17)

10. Credo (9:36)

11. … A riveder le stelle (12:09)

CD2 Pier Paolo Scattolin
1-3. Poikilíai
Movimento I (1:57); Movimento II (2:09); Movimento III (2:02)

4. Riverberi (9:46)

5. In mezzo alla maggese (5:06)

6-10. Missa brevis
Kyrie (2:54); Gloria (2:40); Credo (5:32); Sanctus (2:03); Agnus Dei (2:47)

11. La principessa della cenere ovvero Cenerentola (16:51)

12-14. … Quando quello sciamano della luna…
Ouverture (5:14); Sarabanda (6:46); Giga (3:42)
  • Composer: Maurizio Guernieri (1962) · Pier Paolo Scattolin (1949)
  • Performers: Chamber Choir and Orchestra Euridice

    Maurizio Guernieri e Pier Paolo Scattolin, conductors

    Quartetto Mirus · LatinoBalcanica Ensemble

    Pas de deux · Chamber Choir of Bologna

    Walter Zanetti, electric guitar

  • Musicological Text: Pier Paolo ScattolinMaurizio Guernieri
  • Historical Period: Historical twentieth century
  • Code: TC 940091
  • Edition: January 2017
  • Barcode: 8007194200348
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 25
  • Total duration: 02:00:05
  • Notes: World Premiere Recording
  • Texts: Bicinium

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