Landini is a man whose vast culture – so clearly evident in his own field of knowledge – also embraces mathematics, physics and physiology, subjects in which he seeks reasons for that sort of eternally repeated miracle that lies behind the joy of creating and listening to music […]”.
These studies led to the birth of Time On Target, whose meaning is best described by the program notes which accompanied the work’s performance: ‘contrasting musical episodes and attentive behaviour: the physiology of the effects that tension and relaxation, when appropriately controlled, have on listening to music and on the subjective evaluation of time’.


Disco n.1
Landini, Carlo Alessandro
Symphony in A Major
  1 - Symphony in A Major (14:36)
Time on Target
  2 - Time on Target (19:16)
Symphony in B Major
  3 - Symphony in B Major (23:18)
Midrash Temurah
  4 - Midrash Temurah (11:06)
  • Performers: FRANCESCO TASINI
  • Historical Period: Contemporary
  • Code: TC 951201
  • Edition: FEBRUARY 2008
  • Barcode: 8007194104424
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 4
  • Total duration: 01:08:16

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