Edoardo Bruni

After the previous publication of Ars Modi (Tactus code tc.970202), this double cd retraces three previous creative phases of the young composer Edoardo Bruni: romantic, surrealist, and heroic, on which is based the musical journey leading the author to his expressive maturity. Here we have a variety of different chamber compositions interpreted by numerous musicians who have alternated in the performances. The writing is in the name of a musical manifesto not looking for the “new” writing or expression at any costs, yet trying to find new formulas within a language of the past that belongs to our culture and that, for this reason, doesn’t necessarily need to be betrayed or reviled. The “beauty” – ultimately – has its own precise identity that does not always match with the “new”, as demonstrated by many artistic currents of the twentieth century that, in the desperate search for novelty, have perhaps lost sight of the ultimate goal of art, whose quintessence actually lies in the concept of beauty.


Disco n.1
Edoardo Bruni
Sonata romantica per violoncello e pianoforte (1995)
  1 - Allegro agitato (10:45)
  2 - Largo (7:15)
  3 - Allegro assai mosso (9:39)
Tre danze ungheresi per violino e pianoforte (1994-1995)
  4 - n. 1 Allegro vivace (2:16)
  5 - n. 2 Andante (3:54)
  6 - n. 3 Allegro appassionato (2:29)
Sonata esotica per flauto e pianoforte (1995)
  7 - Parisienne (7:09)
  8 - Arabesque (7:44)
Fantasia per violino e pianoforte (1996)
  9 - Lento (5:14)
Elegia per clarinetto, violoncello e pianoforte (1998)
  10 - Adagio, liberamente e sempre espressivo (8:26)
Disco n.2
Edoardo Bruni
Sonata surrealista per armonica a bocca e pianoforte (2004)
  1 - Adagio – Allegro - Allegretto – Tempo primo – Tempo secondo (9:50)
Quattro pezzi surrealisti (2004-2005)
  2 - Spazi viola per pianoforte (2:57)
  3 - Grain de sable per viola (5:17)
  4 - Verità nascoste, per clarinetto e violoncello (4:48)
  5 - La pastora per flauto, clarinetto, violino, violoncello, percussioni (3:43)
Tobruk ‘42 quintetto per archi e pianoforte (2007)
  6 - i Maestoso con brio (4:07)
  7 - ii Lentissimo liberamente (6:20)
  8 - iii Molto allegro (4:21)
  9 - iv Andante espressivo (5:18)
  10 - v Alla marcia, energico (6:43)
  11 - vi Allegro vivace (4:55)

  • Composer: Edoardo Bruni
  • Performers: Santo Albertini (armonica); Giuseppe Barutti (cello); Patrizia Bettotti (violin); Ivo Brigadoi (cello); Edoardo Bruni (piano); Ivo Crepaldi (violin); Jessica Dalsant (flute); Lorenzo Di Marco (flute); Andrea Ferroni (violin); Margherita Guarino (violin); Lorenzo Guzzoni (clarinet); Carlo Lazari (violin); Alexander Monteverde (viola); Roberto Pangrazzi (percussions); Corrado Ruzza (piano)
  • Musicological Text: Carlo Galante, Edoardo Bruni
  • Historical Period: Contemporary
  • Code: TC970290
  • Edition: September 2021
  • Barcode: 8007194200539
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 22
  • Total duration: 135:29

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