Paolo Cavallone (1975)

In the contemporary music scene the figure of PaoloCavallone represents that of a latter-day Renaissance man, with an intimate love for all forms of artand a “miraculous” vision of the discoveries of complementarity or the revelations of metaphors hidden behind the masterpieces of art.
This compact disc – which is the result of a collaboration between Rai Trade and the Robert & Carol Morris Center for 21st Century Music of the State University of New York at Buffalo – includes pieces recorded in Rome, Buffalo, New York City, Montevarchi (Arezzo), and Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna) and interpreted by such refined performers as Nicholas Isherwood, Magnus Andersson, Roberto Fabbriciani, Lorna Windsor, Tony Arnold, Movses Pogossian, Luca Sanzò, Jean Kopperud, Stephen Gosling, Catarina Domenici (who performs the title-track), and two chamber music groups:the Farben Ensemble and the June in Buffalo Contemporary Ensemble, conducted by Marco Lena and Christian Baldini, respectively.


Disco n.1
Cavallone, Paolo
  1 - (Dis)tensioni (6:56)
  2 - Confini (9:34)
Trompe l'o(r)eil(le)
  3 - Trompe l'o(r)eil(le) (6:59)
Scendero a patti
  4 - Scendero a patti (8:13)
  5 - Milagros (6:50)
Frammenti lirici
  6 - Frammenti lirici (7:05)
D'apres Schumann
  7 - D'apres Schumann (1:26)
  8 - Polimorfie (6:30)
  9 - Confronto (5:14)
  10 - Teatri (0:38)
  • Composer: Paolo Cavallone (1975)
  • Performers: track 1: clarinetto, Jean Kopperud, track 2: pianoforte, Stephen Gosling, track 2: pianoforte, Catarina Domenici, track 3: viola, Luca Sanzò, track 4: cantante-attrice, Tony Arnold con The June in Buffalo Contemporary Ensemble: flauto, Sabatino Scirri percussioni, Rin Ozaki chitarra acustica, Magnus Andersson violoncello, Jonathan Golove direttore, Christian Baldini, track 5: chitarra, Magnus Andersson pianoforte, James Avery, track 6: soprano, Tony Arnold violino, Movses Pogossian, track 7: soprano, Lorna Windsor Farben ensemble: flauto, Lavinia Guillari clarinetto, Marco Ignoti violino, Filippo Gianinetti violoncello, Marco Radaelli direttore, Marco Lena, track 8: flauto, Roberto Fabbriciani, soprano, Lorna Windsor Farben ensemble: flauto, Lavinia Guillari clarinetto, Marco Ignoti violino, Filippo Gianinetti viola, Raffaello Negri violoncello, Marco Radaelli pianoforte, Irene Puccia direttore, Marco Lena, track 10: voce recitante, Nicholas Isherwood
  • Historical Period: Contemporary
  • Code: TC 970302
  • Edition: December 2011
  • Barcode: 8007194105117
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 10
  • Total duration: 00:59:19
  • Notes: Includes a bonus DVD Data with a video documentary

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