Padre Davide da Bergamo (1791-1863)

Padre Davide da Bergamo (Felice Moretti) has been the most representative figure of the Italian nineteenth century organ music.
Having become a minor friar after studying organ music with Davide Bianchi and Antonio Gonzales, and composition with Simone Mayr, he began a flamboyant career throughout northern Italy as excellent performer and improviser. Soon he became the major reference of his time for consulting, tests and inaugurations of new organs.
Lauded by the crowds and by the musicians (in Milan for an inauguration he played almost uninterruptedly for eight days!), he was the greatest and most famous organist of the Italian Risorgimento, the absolute champion of that sound that took the theatrical style to permeate the the organ music and the instrument itself.
Marco Ruggeri presents here an interesting selection of works for the liturgy and for the concert, performing them on the Serassi organ of the Basilica of Santa Maria di Campagna in Piacenza: the organ designed by Father Davide himself, where he served until his death.


(musica per la liturgia)
1. Fantasia 4:27
2. Preghiera 8:14
3. Elevazione 4:54
4. Versetto in Re 1:43
5. Versetto in Re 1:14
6. Versetto in Fa 2:17
7. Versetto in Re 3:25
8. Benedizione del Santissimo 2:52
9. Elevazione patetica 4:19
10. Pastorale 7:31
11. Gran Sinfonia in Re 17:58

(musica per il concerto)
1. La rivoluzione di Milano 12:14
2. Suonata in Sib 10:55
3. Incendio ideale 8:14
4. Sinfonia in Mi 6:16
5. Concertino 6:38
6. Sinfonia in Re 5:43
7. Suonata in Fa 7:02
8. Sinfonia col tanto applaudito
inno popolare 8:53
  • Composer: Padre Davide da Bergamo (1791-1863)
  • Performers: Marco Ruggeri, organ
  • Musicological Text: Marco Ruggeri
  • Historical Period: Classicism
  • Code: TB 790490
  • Edition: September 2017
  • Barcode: 8007194200409
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 19
  • Total duration: 02:05:03
  • Notes: White Series · Historical Recordings · 2cd box set
    World Premiere Recording
    Organ Serassi 1825-1838 Basilica di S. Maria di Campagna, Piacenza
    It replaces old TC.792901 and TC.792902 codes

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