Luca Marenzio (1553-1599), Fabritio Caroso (1530-1615), Giacomo Gorzanis(1520-1578), Lorenzino del liuto (1552-1590), Orlando di Lasso (1532-1594), Vincenzo Galilei (1520-1591), Cesare Negri (1535-1605).

In the year 1580, Luca Marenzio, then a young man, published his first collection of compositions: Primo libro de’ madrigali a cinque voci. In the sophisticated Roman musical circles of the end of the sixteenth century, it revealed a personality that was able to express the aesthetic requirements of that period with supreme mastery. Marenzio was born in Coccaglio, near Brescia, around 1553. He moved to Rome at the age of twenty to work in the employment of Cardinal Cristoforo Madruzzo, and was appreciated because of some madrigals of his that were included in anthologies, and because he was a good singer. Thanks to these first published works of his, Marenzio won a position of primacy among Italian composers, and his fame soon reached other European countries. In England, notably, several editions of anthologies that included madrigals by Marenzio were published a few years later, and Marenzio’s works were highly admired. This Cd contains an overview of the profane musical genres of the late ‘500, which Marenzio and his contemporaries were the leading figures.


1. Luca Marenzio Che fa oggi il mio sole
2. Fabritio Caroso Canario
3. Luca Marenzio Al primo vostro sguardo
4. Anonimo - dal Fronimo di V. Galilei Contrappunto 1
5. Luca Marenzio Lasso, non è cor mio
6. Anonimo La rocca e il fuso
7. Luca Marenzio Occhi dolci e soavi
8. Giacomo Gorzanis Padoana detta Chi passa per ‘sta strada
9. Luca Marenzio Dolorosi martir
10. Lorenzino del liuto Preambulum
11. Orlando di Lasso Fantasia quarta
12. Luca Marenzio Io son ferito e chi mi punse il core
13. Vincenzo Galilei Ricercare del nono tuono
14. Luca Marenzio Fuggirò tant’amore
15. Fabrizio Caroso Spagnoletta nova
16. Luca Marenzio Degli occhi il dolce giro
17. Vincenzo Galilei Duo tutto di fantasia
18. Luca Marenzio Se ’l raggio dei vostr’occhi
19. Lorenzino del liuto Fantasia
20. Luca Marenzio Tirsi morir volea
21. Cesare Negri Bianco Fiore
22. Luca Marenzio Con la fronte fiorita
23. Vincenzo Galilei Contrappunto 13
24. Orlando di Lasso Fantasia Sesta
25. Luca Marenzio Questa di verd’ erbette
  • Composer: Luca Marenzio (1553-1599), Fabritio Caroso (1530-1615), Giacomo Gorzanis(1520-1578), Lorenzino del liuto (1552-1590), Orlando di Lasso (1532-1594), Vincenzo Galilei (1520-1591), Cesare Negri (1535-1605).
  • Performers: Angela Alesci, sopranoDomenico Cerasani, lute Massimo Lonardi, lute
  • Musicological Text: Domenico Cerasani
  • Historical Period: Humanism and Renaissance
  • Code: TC 531302
  • Edition: April 2014
  • Barcode: 8007194105827
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 25
  • Total duration: 00:56:04
  • Notes: World Premiere Recording
  • Texts: Luca Marenzio and his times-Madrigals, Villanelle, Dances and Fantasies of Late 16th Century

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