Carlo Agostino Badia (1671-1738)

Carlo Agostino Badia was one of the many Italian musicians making his fortune at the court of Vienna where he was hired as a composer in 1694. We have no news about his education, but the musical historiography is mentioning about his great compositional period lasting forty-four years at the service of the emperors Leopold i and Joseph i, in which he produced in large quantities cantatas, melodramas and oratorios greatly appreciated at the Austrian court. From his musical writing it is clear how he was a “ferryer” of that late Baroque (followed by Antonio Caldara who succeeded him at the Viennese court) anticipating the forms of the imminent galant style. In this recording the attention is directed to the profane cantatas, from the collection Tributi Armonici – published in Nuremberg in 1699 – which represent precisely the transition from the traditional style (in particular the Venetian one) to the new eighteenth-century style. The great variety of writing that distinguishes the cantatas is well rendered by the ductile voice of the soprano Raffaella Milanesi accompanied by RomaBarocca Ensemble, under the direction of Lorenzo Tozzi.


Carlo Agostino Badia
1 – Per te sola, Filli mia (10:27)
2 – Clori, non più rigori (7:29)
3 – Farfalletta amorosa (10:36)
4 – Pur al fine tu sei mia (10:58)
5 – Begl’occhi amorosi (8:29)
6 – Rotto è l’antico laccio (9:44)
7 – Lumi, che vi dirò? (11:02)

  • Composer: Carlo Agostino Badia (1671-1738)
  • Performers: RomaBarocca Ensemble, Raffaella Milanesi (soprano), Lorenzo Tozzi(conductor and soloist), Renato Criscuolo (soloist)
  • Musicological Text: Lorenzo Tozzi
  • Historical Period: Late Baroque
  • Code: TC670204
  • Edition: April 2024
  • Barcode: 8007194108095
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 7
  • Total duration: 65:48
  • Notes: Recorded at Oratorio dei Barnabiti, Roma, Italy
  • Texts: Cantatas for soprano and continuo from «Tributi Armonici», 1699
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