A recital of opera arias by Vivaldi?
And what’s more, sung by a male soprano?
Until a few years ago, such a thing would have been inconceivable in a record market that only produced vocal anthologies of Mozart, Verdi and Puccini.
And yet, the strong return to baroque music today concerns the operatic repertoire as well, revealing Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) to have been one of the major protagonists of Italian eighteenth-century opera.
Thus half of the pieces presented here are reasonably familiar to a particularly attentive concert-going public since they often appear on the recitals of operatic sopranos and contraltos of international renown.
This recording offers a sampling of ten arias drawn from ten different operas, chosen by Angelo Manzotti with the intention of illustrating both the different vocal styles adopted by Vivaldi in his “musical dramas”, and some of the characteristics concerning contemporary practices of composition and performance.


Disco n.1
Vivaldi, Antonio
Orlando furioso, RV Anh. 84
  1 - Orlando furioso, Anh. 84, Act I: Aria: Nel profondo cieco mondo (5:16)
L'incoronazione di Dario, RV 719
  2 - L'incoronazione di Dario, RV 719: Mi va scherzando in sen (3:26)
Il Teuzzone, RV 736
  3 - Sinfonia: Allegro (1:53)
  4 - Sinfonia: Adagio (2:29)
  5 - Sinfonia: Allegro (0:47)
  6 - Act I: Aria: Taci per poco ancora (5:03)
Giustino, RV 717
  7 - Giustino, RV 717, Act I: Aria: Vedro con mio diletto (5:20)
Farnace, RV 711
  8 - Farnace, RV 711, Act I: Aria: Sorge l'irato nembo e la fatal tempesta (5:40)
Siroe, re di Persia, RV 735
  9 - Siroe, re di Persia, RV 735: Gelido in ogni vena (7:01)
Orlando furioso, RV Anh. 84
  10 - Orlando furioso, Anh. 84, Act I: Aria: Sol da te, mio dolce amore (9:26)
L'Olimpiade, RV 725
  11 - L'Olimpiade, RV 725, Act II: Siam navi all'onde algenti (7:11)
Il Tamerlano, RV 703, "Il Bajazet"
  12 - Sinfonia: I. Allegro (2:42)
  13 - Sinfonia: II. Andante molto (2:24)
  14 - Sinfonia: III. Allegro (1:23)
  15 - Act II: Aria: Sposa, son disprezzata (8:12)
Griselda, RV 718
  16 - Griselda, RV 718, Act II: Aria: Agitata da due venti (6:03)
  • Performers: Angelo Manzotti : sopranista – Orchestra Barocca di Bologna – direttore : Paolo Faldi – Violini : Luca Ronconi, Rossella Croce, Vania Pedronetto, Giovanni Zordan; Violoncello : Franziska Romaner; Violone : Luciano Mitillo; Traversiere : Luigi Lupo; Corno : Gianfranco Dini, Brunello Gorla; Chitarra e Tiorba : Stefano Rocco; Clavicembalo : Miranda Aureli
  • Historical Period: Late Baroque
  • Code: TC 672214
  • Edition: 2000
  • Barcode: 8007194101508
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 16
  • Total duration: 01:14:16

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