Giovanni Morandi (1777-1856)

On this CD Tactus continues the rediscovery of the archive of the S. Cristina monastery in Senigallia were are preserved a large amount of manuscripts by composer Giovanni Morandi, friend and collaborator of Rossini, married to the famous opera singer Rosa Morolli (acclaimed interpreter of the works of Rossini, Mozart, Cimarosa and Paisiello) and organ teacher to the nuns of the same convent.
This chapter includes the organ transcriptions of operatic songs written by Morandi for the use of its nuns pupils (indisputable evidence of how the opera music could also come within the enclosure!).
Morandi re-writes and adapts to the organ, symphonies and arias of the greatest opera composers of the time, Rossini’s first and foremost, but also Verdi, Donizetti, Pacini, revealing interesting aspects on the performance practice of theatrical styles in the realization of the cadences or variations in the arias.
Federica Iannella, specialist in nineteenth-century repertoire, here plays the Giacomo Bazzani 1856 organ, example of the organ theatrical aesthetics in the Marche region.


1. Marcia Pas Redoublè [...] da Rossini [...] Tempo di marcia 3:40
2. Semiramide aria [...] del Celebre Rossini Andante cantabile, Allegro giusto 5:12
3. Sonata per organo del Celebre Rossini[...] Andante, Allegro 6:09
4. Cavatina del Celebre Gioacchino Rossini [...] Allegro moderato 3:40
5. Sonata per organo del Celebre Rossini [...] Andantino, Allegro 3:46
6. Semiramide duetto con Arsace [...] Andantino cantabile, Allegro 4:09
7. Sinfonia per organo del Celebre Rossini [...] Allegro vivace 3:20
8. Sonata per organo del Celebre Rossini [...] Maestoso, Allegretto grazioso 4:31
9. Marcia militare del Celebre Rossini [...] Allegro vivace 3:23
10. Sonata per organo [...] Del celebre Verdi [...] Allegro giusto 3:36
11. [...] Marcia dei Franchi [...] del maestro Verdi [...] Andante, Allegro 1:57
12. Sonata per organo del Celebre [...] Donizetti [...] Andantino, Allegro brillante 5:06
13. Marcia militare del celebre Bellini [...] Allegro militare 3:30
14. Aria fi nale [...] del celebre Bellini [...] Andante sostenuto, Allegretto 5:12
15. Sinfonia del celebre maestro Pacini [...] Largo, Allegro vivace 8:15
  • Composer: Giovanni Morandi (1777-1856)
  • Performers: Federica Iannella, organ
  • Musicological Text: Francesco Tasini
  • Historical Period: Classicism
  • Code: TC 771303
  • Edition: November 2016
  • Barcode: 8007194105902
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 15
  • Total duration: 01:06:29
  • Notes: World Premiere Edition · Historical Instruments · Organ Giacomo Bazzani 1856, Chiesa dei Cancelli, Senigallia
  • Texts: Opera Trascriptions for Organ

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