Giovanni Sgambati (1841-1914)

This seventh and last volume of the complete piano works of Sgambati, who was one of the most authoritative of Liszt’s pupils and an extraordinary leading force in the musical life of Rome in the second half of the nineteenth century, is a supplementary appendix and presents a general survey of all the sides of Sgambati’s creativity. It contains almost exclusively unpublished pieces, including his last notturno, the transcription for four hands of his first important symphonic work (the Sinfonia Festosa, played by Francesco Caramiello and Francesco Libetta), and an unpublished, brilliant piano version of Bach’s Suite in B min. BWV 1067 that follows the great tradition of Liszt’s school, alongside the well-known transcriptions by Tausig, d’Albert and Siloti. Here Sgambati avoids the allurement of a lofty sonorousness, and prefers a limpid texture and bright overall resonance, differing from the contemporary transcriptions by Martucci and the later ones by Busoni, which were characterised by a massive orchestral writing. Sgambati’s transcription preserves the clarity of the contrapuntal structure, without any concession to grandiosity of sound.


Sinfonia festosa (Ouverture de fête) in mi maggiore per orchestra [1878]*
[trascrizione per pianoforte a 4 mani dell’Autore / Transcription for piano four hands by Sgambati]
1. Allegro - Andante - Tempo I 10:10
Due pezzi per pianoforte
2. VI. Gondoletta in sol magg.* [1894, prima stesura dell’op. 36 n. 4 / first version of op. 36 n.4] 1:59
3. VII. Moderato - Più moderato - Lento in la bem. magg. [1898]* 1:31
4. Motivi, in re bem. magg.* 1:57
5. Serenatina per l’album della Vitale [1906, con finale alternativo / with alternative final] 1:15
6. Gavotta in sol min. op. 14 (edition facilitée)* 4:31
Suite pour orchestre en si min. composée par Johann Sebastian Bach
transcrite pour le Piano par G. Sgambati* [1882]
7. I Ouverture 9:52
8. II Rondeau 2:13
9. III Sarabande 3:28
10. IV Bourrée IV Bourrée II - Bourrée I da capo 2:42
11. VI Polonaise 3:19
12. VII Menuet 1:33
13. VIII Badinerie 1:37
14. Notturno in sol magg. * [1879] 4:44
15. Notturno op. 3, “Per l’album di Bellini” [1873] 5:42
  • Composer: Giovanni Sgambati (1841-1914)
  • Performers: Francesco Caramiello, piano
  • Musicological Text: Francesco Caramiello
  • Historical Period: Romanticism
  • Code: TC 841907
  • Edition: March 2014
  • Barcode: 8007194105674
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 15
  • Total duration: 00:57:40
  • Notes: World Premiere Recording

    Ultimo cd dell”opera completa per pianoforte

    Last cd of the Complete Piano Works

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