Raffaele Calace (1863-1934)

The long, productive period of activity of the Neapolitan musician Raffaele Calace, because of its timing (1863-1934), fell in an era of great social and political transformations that had important consequences also on a cultural level.
At the end of the Bourbon domination, while the most important Neapolitan theatres were beginning to have problems, a radical cultural renewal took place, concentrating chiefly on a gradual increase of musical interest in instrumental production.
Raffaele Calace, second son of the luthier Antonio, received his musical education at the Conservatory of Naples, where he studied violin; but he graduated in composition under the guidance of Paolo Serrao and Francesco Ancona. His musical activity was devoted above all to plucked string instruments, and he became a virtuoso performer on them and a composer of music for them. Calace – contrary to what one might expect, considering the great number of pieces that have been published for this combination of instruments – composed a version for mandolin and guitar only of the works presented here: they are still present and available, for this combination of instruments, in the present-day catalogue of the Calace Editions.


1. Danza Spagnola, Op. 105 4:28
2. Serenata malinconica, Op. 120 4:17
3. Polonese, Op. 36 6:38
4. Barcarola, Op. 20 5:49
5. Tarantella, Op. 18 2:56
6. VI Mazurka, Op. 141 4:11
7. Saltarello, Op. 79 3:24
8. Bolero, Op. 26 3:11
9. Rondò, Op. 127 3:53
10. II Bolero, Op. 161 3:27
11. L’ardimentosa (Mazurka), Op. 57 4:38
12. Les Maries (Gavotta), Op. 123 2:26
Album [di] ballabili, Op. 13
13. Primo Premio (Valzer) 1:42
14. Papillons (Polka) 2:51
15. Jeunesse (Mazurka) 2:17
16. Gaieté (Mazurka) 3:07
17. Marcia Letizia, Op. 184 2:44
  • Composer: Raffaele Calace (1863-1934)
  • Performers: Sergio Zigiotti, mandolino
    Fabiano Merlante, chitarra
  • Musicological Text: Francesca Seller, Fabiano Merlante, Sergio Zigiotti
  • Historical Period: Romanticism
  • Code: TC 860301
  • Edition: July 2014
  • Barcode: 8007194105292
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 17
  • Total duration: 01:02:09
  • Notes: Francesca Seller, Fabiano Merlante, Sergio Zigiotti
  • Texts: Complete Works for Mandoline and Guitar

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