Marco Enrico Bossi (1861-1925)

This CD continues the complete edition of the chamber works by Marco Enrico Bossi, featuring a collection of instrumental works for piano and various instruments: viola violin, flute, bassoon, oboe, harp, cello, double bass and harmonium.
Unexpected and surprising writing mastery by Bossi (until a few years ago only known for being one of the greatest organ performers in the history of music), this anthology pays tribute to the composer through the different facets he manages to characterize each of these instruments in their own timbre and expressive peculiarity.
The SchuberTrio (Giulio Giurato, piano, Andrea Noferini, cello and Roberto Noferini, violin) – already awarded by critics for the previous CDs of the Bossi Trios and the music for violin, cello and piano (TC.862704 and TC.862705), is joined by Anna Noferini at the viola, Paolo dal Moro at the historical flute, Paolo Pollastri at the oboe, Roberto Giaccaglia at the bassoon, Roberto Rubini at the double bass, Emanuela Degli Esposti at the harp, and Claudio Brizi at the harmonium d ‘art.


1. Epousailles. Méditation réligieuse op. 134 n. 1 10:56
[per violino, violoncello, pianoforte, harmonium e tam tam]
2. Dolce Soffrir [per violoncello e pianoforte] 2:35
3. Romanza per contrabbasso e pianoforte 3:19
4-7. Quattro Pezzi in Forma di Suite op. 99 per violino e pianoforte 13:01
8. Serenatina [per violino e pianoforte] op. 127 n. 5 2:57
9. Il Canto dell’Anima [per violino e pianoforte] 4:58
10. Canzone Gotica [per arpa e due violini] 3:15
11. Romanze op. 79 [per viola e pianoforte] 2:40
12. Benediction Nuptiale op. 111 n. 1 [per viola e pianoforte] 3:27
13. Siciliana e Giga (Stile antico) per flauto e pianoforte 5:23
14. Improvviso per flauto e pianoforte 2:27
15. Improvviso per oboe e pianoforte 3:16
16. Improvviso per fagotto e pianoforte 3:27
17. Menuet et Musette op. 111 n. 2 [per fagotto e pianoforte] 2:48
  • Composer: Marco Enrico Bossi (1861-1925)
  • Performers: Giulio Giurato, piano · Roberto Noferini, violin

    Andrea Noferini, cello · Claudio Brizi, harmonium d’art

    Anna Noferini, viola · Paolo Dalmoro, flute

    Paolo Pollastri, oboe · Roberto Giaccaglia, bassoon

    Emanuela Degli Esposti, harp · Roberto Rubini, double bass

  • Musicological Text: Arturo Sacchetti
  • Historical Period: Romanticism
  • Code: TC 862707
  • Edition: November 2018
  • Barcode: 8007194106794
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 17
  • Total duration: 01:05:42
  • Notes: World Premiere Recording

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