Luigi Gazzotti (1886-1923)

An absolute re-discovery! Soprano Cristina Barbieri (winner of the Luciano Pavarotti prize in Philadelphia) and pianist Luca Saltini (first prize at the “Czerny” prize in Turin and “Viotti” of Vercelli) are dedicating this CD to the lyrics of the composer Luigi Gazzotti from Modena. His wealthy family and the father passion for music allowed him to receive a very solid musical skill at the Bologna Conservatory where he graduated in composition with honors. Fascinated by poetry – especially that by Leopardi – he composed several chamber arias in a style ranging from romanticism to realism that in those days was experiencing its peak with the great Puccini, Mascagni and Leoncavallo. His music never comes to radical and innovative solutions (in those days taking place overseas or in Italy with the Generazione dell’Ottanta), yet is always characterized by effective expressiveness and great refinement with the introduction of small elements of innovation and research.


1. Alla luna 2:47
2. L’infinito 3:09
3. Il sabato del villaggio 6:34
4. Povera foglia 1:54
5. Non mi destar ch’io sogno 2:03
6. O giovinezza... addio! 2:42
7. Mi farai morir 1:45
8. Marcia funebre [per pianoforte] 4:05
9. La canterina 2:31
10. Canta, che vien l’aprile! 2:20
11. Per te! 2:46
12. Ad un ore 1:40
13. Stelle 2:40
14. Madrigalino 1:26
15. Petite berceuse [per pianoforte] 1:39
16. Alzati o bella 2:52
17. Sognando 2:22
18. Fiore appassito 2:22
19. Sola! 2:24
20. Fata della casa 3:12
21. Se mai! 2:49
22. Lieto incontro 2:32
23. Vieni, t ’aspetto sul mar 2:28
  • Composer: Luigi Gazzotti (1886-1923)
  • Performers: Cristina Barbieri, soprano
    Luca Saltini, piano
  • Musicological Text: Luca Saltini
  • Historical Period: Romanticism
  • Code: TC 880702
  • Edition: March 2016
  • Barcode: 8007194106305
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 23
  • Total duration: 01:02:39
  • Notes: World Premiere Recording
  • Texts: Chamber Arias

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