Ettore Bonelli (1900-1986)

The Venetian musician Ettore Bonelli has always been known as a violinist, a teacher and revisor, but less so as a composer. Precisely the conspicuous amount of revisions, over a hundred, (the famous version of the Concerto for Oboe by Benedetto Marcello, in fact, composed by Alessandro Marcello, published by Zanibon in Padua) to which Bonelli mainly dedicated himself after World War ii, had over-shadowed his rich activity of composition which had occupied him since 1918. He had abandoned this for thirty years and had taken it up again only in the ‘70s. with pieces with a didactic aim dedicated to the violin, oboe, double bass, and the flute- harp duo. This recording promoted by Alessandro Curri (violist, nephew of Ettore Bonelli, and son of the harper Ilde Bonelli) represents a first glance to the composer”s chamber music production focused on works for violin and piano and for viola and piano. With Giuliano Fontanella on the violin and pianists Tania Salinaro and Giovanni Dal Missier, this world premiere recording is revealing a solid and decisive craftsmanship, which inherits and reworks the styles in vogue in the first half of the twentieth century in Italy, without excessive experimentalism yet with skilful refinement.


Disc n.1
Ettore Bonelli
Sonata per violino e pianoforte op. 25 [1935]
1 – Allegro ma con moto tranquillo (8:42)
2 – Calmo e sereno (6:57)
3 – Allegro (8:52)
4 – Idillio op. 41 [1945] per violino e pianoforte (6:52)
5 – Nocturne dans le bois op. 12 [1936] per viola e pianoforte (7:36)
Sonata per viola e pianoforte op. 37 [1944]
6 – Moderatamente mosso (8:50)
7 – Vivo – Adagio (Aria) (8:16)
8 – Finale: Allegro gioioso (7:02)

  • Composer: Ettore Bonelli (1900-1986)
  • Performers: Giuliano Fontanella, violino · Tania Salinaro, pianoforte
    Alessandro Curri, viola · Giovanni Dal Missier, pianoforte
  • Musicological Text: Mirko Schipilliti
  • Historical Period: Historical twentieth century
  • Code: TC900201
  • Edition: June 2024
  • Barcode: 8007194108149
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 8
  • Total duration: 63:28
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