Mehdi Khayami (1980), Francesco Filidei (1973), Roberto Vetrano (1982), Francesco Pennisi, (1934-2000), Rouzbeth Rafie (1981), Carmen Fizzarotti (1992), Admir Shkurtaj (1969)

By being present and available in every corner of the planet the stone stands as a witness to the human and natural history. It appears to be as a sort of “geo cultural Esperanto”, a constant that binds distant, in space and time, worlds and cultural traditions by cutting across with a horizontal, diagonal, and vertical movement. This work of the Sonar Trio is inspired by such universal and supratemporal nature of the stone. Marco Delisi (flute), Roberto D’Urbano (clarinet) and Vanessa Sotgiu (piano) are professionals of undoubted skills who are measuring themselves with pages of contemporary music that traces back to a link betweenWest and East, between ascending musical languages of accultured European tradition, and sound vestiges of ancient, possibly primordial and archetypal, character. With the exeption of the first two, all tracks of the Lithos album are dedicated to the Sonar Trio. It suggested path, unfolds therefore between very human vibrations and pure sound solicitations, between hidden suggestions originating from a prehuman world, refined punctuations of a contemporary dialogue, in which the material element is always somewhat present. The trio brilliantly manages to achieve the double goal of reconciling the human with the primordial and history with nature. It does also recompose the sensory threads that hold together sounds and colours, visions and listening.


Disco n.1
Francesco Pennisi (1934-2000)
  1 - Etude-rhapsodie (6:59) 
  per flauto, clarinetto e pianoforte
Francesco Filidei (1973)
  2 - Texture (4:35)
  per flauto, clarinetto e pianoforte
Roberto Vetrano
  3 - AcusticA (4:47)
  per flauto, clarinetto, pianoforte preparato e pietre

Rouzbeh Rafie (1981)
Echoes from the Lagoon
  4 - 1st. Echo (4:36)
  5 - 2nd. Echo (1:59)
  6 - 3rd. Echo (4:10)
Carmen Fizzarotti (1992)
  7 - Slowing down in an erratic D946 (8:54)
  per flauto, clarinetto basso e pianoforte preparato
Mehdi Khayami (1980)
  8 - Sorriso del dubbio (8:31)
  per flauto, clarinetto e pianoforte
Admir Shkurtaj (1969)
  9 - Lacrime d’acciaio (7:31)
  per flauto, clarinetto, pianoforte, pentolino e supporto elettronico

  • Composer: Mehdi Khayami (1980), Francesco Filidei (1973), Roberto Vetrano (1982), Francesco Pennisi, (1934-2000), Rouzbeth Rafie (1981), Carmen Fizzarotti (1992), Admir Shkurtaj (1969)
  • Performers: SonarTrio
    Marco Delisi, flauto, pietre · Roberto D’Urbano, clarinetto, clarinetto basso, pietre · Vanessa Sotgiu, pianoforte, pianoforte preparato e pentolino
  • Musicological Text: Giacomo Fronzi
  • Historical Period: Contemporary
  • Code: TC950008
  • Edition: July 2023
  • Barcode: 8007194107951
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 9
  • Total duration: 52:25
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