Massimiliano Messieri (1964) · Carlo Tenan (1979) · Mario Pagotto (1966) · Francesco Pavan (1975) · Nicola Baroni (1959) · Claudio Scannavini (1959)

No other instrument but the harp reminds us so strongly of inscrutable prehistories, remote civilizations and ancestral mythologies.
Such an apodictic claim can be easily questioned. However, its opinable nature urges us to explore all the creative possibilities of the harp, which are embedded in this handful of new compositions for harp quartet. This adds to the quality of the discographic work – seven original compositions, specifically commissioned and recorded for the first time ever.
The new music is performed by the Adria Harp Quartet, ensemble born and raised precisely with the specific peculiarity of the study of the interpretation of new compositions of the contemporary Italian scenario, with the clear intent to search with all means made available by the new languages (electronic and interactive supports alongside the latest techniques devised for the harp), paths still unexplored, making use of the distinctive characteristics of this fascinating instrument.


Massimiliano Messieri (1964)
1. Hot Strings II [2014] 3:57

Carlo Tenan (1979)
2. Jeux de bleu [2016] 2:41

Mario Pagotto (1966)
3. Echi dalla notte [2014] 8:51

Francesco Pavan (1975)
4. Isle.4 [2014] 7:03

Nicola Baroni (1959)
5. Awakening
per quartetto d’arpe, risonanze e sistema interattivo [2014] 10:06

Claudio Scannavini (1959)
6. Hosiu [2014] 10:14

Massimiliano Messieri (1964)
7. Land [2014] 7:38
  • Composer: Massimiliano Messieri (1964) · Carlo Tenan (1979) · Mario Pagotto (1966) · Francesco Pavan (1975) · Nicola Baroni (1959) · Claudio Scannavini (1959)
  • Performers: Adria Harp Quartet
    Cristiana Passerini · Cristina Centa · Angelica Ferrari, harps
    Nicola Vendramin, harp and flute
  • Musicological Text: Giordano Montecchi
  • Historical Period: Contemporary
  • Code: TC 960003
  • Edition: April 2018
  • Barcode: 8007194106770
  • Set: 1
  • Notes: World Premiere Recording

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