Luigi De Grassi (1760-1831)

The vast group of works by Luigi De Grassi comprises masses, psalms, motets, chants etc., either accompanied by the organ or a cappella, for all kinds of vocal ensembles and clearly aimed to be sung during religious ceremonies.
A great number of compositions for solo organ testify his work as organist. The Sonatas recorded on this CD are some of the most interesting and ambitious creations for organ by this master composer from Grado.
The six Sonatas are quite similar, in their style and way of writing, to the parts for organ of De Grassi’s compositions for vocal ensembles. They can be situated in the frame of the composing style for organ which was typical for the 19th century, used at the music chapel of Cividale, a place exposed to the influence of the flourishing musical scene that surrounded it.


Sonata I in Do maggiore
1 Allegretto 4:04
2 Andante 4:08
3 Allegro vivace 4:21

Sonata II in Do maggiore
4 Allegro 7:40
5 Andante 3:11
6 Allegro 4:58

Sonata III in Do maggiore
7 Allegro 2:59
8 Andante 3:23
9 Allegro 2:34

Sonata IV in Mi bemolle maggiore
10 Andante - Allegro 4:42
11 Andante 4:30
12 Allegro 6:08

Sonata V in Re minore/Re maggiore
13 Largo - Allegro 4:36
14 Andante 2:35
15 Rondò. Allegro 3:03

Sonata VI in Do maggiore (incompleta)
16 Allegro 3:07
  • Composer: Luigi De Grassi (1760-1831)
  • Performers: Manuel Tomadin, organ
  • Musicological Text: Fabio Nesbeda
  • Historical Period: Classicism
  • Code: TC 760401
  • Edition: January 2013
  • Barcode: 8007194105193
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 16
  • Total duration: 01:05:19
  • Notes: Organ Valentino (1857) and Franz Zanin (1977)
    Parish Church of S. Stefano
    Palazzolo dello Stella – Udine

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