Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)

Mauro Giuliani was the musician who most indelibly marked the history of the guitar.
After his first years in Bisceglie, Barletta and Trieste (a period about which we do not have much information), in 1806 he moved to Vienna, instantly and fully integrating in the prestigious musical circles of the city.
He was an esteemed friend, among others, of Beethoven, Haydn and almost certainly Schubert, and a partner in the concert performances of virtuosos such as Hummel, Moscheles and Mayseder.
He was the first to create a repertoire that not only was quite considerable for its quality and quantity, but also, unprecedentedly, became a settled part of the concert practice of contemporary musicians and was transmitted to posterity, down to our time.
The programme presented in this CD by Davide Ficco and Rossana Bertini, great artists, and sensitive to the historically acknowledged performing style, deals with two musical genres to which Giuliani devoted his greatest efforts: vocal chamber music, and, to a greater degree, the solo guitar repertoire.


1. Grande Ouverture, Op. 61 (Milano, Ricordi. 1814) 7:31
Sei Ariette (poesia di Metastasio) coll’ accompagnamento di piano-forte o chitarra Op. 95 (Vienna,
Artaria, c.1816) / A Sua Maestà la Principessa Imperiale Maria Luigia, Arciduchessa d’Austria
2. Le dimore amor non ama (2:34) 3. Ad altro laccio (2:01)
4. Di due bell’ anime (2:39) 5. Fra tutte le pene (2:09)
6. Ombre amene (2:32) 7. Quando sarà quel dì (1:42)
8. Variations sur un Theme de G.F. Haendel pour la guitare, Op. 107 8:52
(Lipsia, Hofmeister, c. 1828)
9. Romance, à Marie Louise d’Austrie, au Berceau de son Fils, Op. 27 5:02
(Vienna, Artaria, c. 1811) pour clavecin ou guitare
10. Gran Sonata Eroica per chitarra, Op. 150 (Milano, Ricordi, ed. post. 1840) 14:04
dall’ Editore dedicata all’ Egregio Sig. Filippo Isnardi, dilettante
Sei Cavatine con l’accompagnamento di piano-forte o chitarra, Op. 39
(Vienna, Artaria , 1813) / Al Sig. Conte Francesco de Palffy
11. Par che di giubilo (1:48) 12. Confuso, smarrito (1:15)
13. Alle mie tante lagrime (2:55) 14. Ah, non dir che non t’adoro (2:09)
15. Ch’ io senta amor (2:20) 16. Già presso al termine (3:02)
17. Cavatine “Di Tanti palpiti” de l’ Opera “Tancred” variée pour le chant, avec accompagnement de
guitare ou piano-forte, Op. 79 (Vienna, Artaria, c. 1807) dediée à son ami Joseph Antoine de Bridi
Tema e variazioni - “Alla bolero” (5:26)
  • Composer: Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)
  • Performers: Rossana Bertini, soprano
    Davide Ficco, guitar
  • Musicological Text: Davide Ficco
  • Historical Period: Classicism
  • Code: TC 780703
  • Edition: February 2018
  • Barcode: 8007194106442
  • Set: 1
  • Texts: Works for voice and guitar

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